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It Doesn't Have to be Costly to Work With Others


Your business may rely on working with other businesses in order to succeed. But that can leave you exposed because you can be held legally liable for damages if they do not have adequate insurance coverage. Doing business with vendors, buyers, contractors/subcontractors, tenants/landlords and suppliers can have implications on your own insurance coverage and pose a serious threat to the financial health of your organization.


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Do You Know What to Do If Your Customer Gets Injured?


Owning a business that's open to the public creates the ever-present risk of someone being injured on your property due to slips and falls, faulty equipment or even being struck by an object. When incidents involving injuries to customers are handled poorly, the result can be unhappy patrons, negative publicity via the media and word-of-mouth, and sometimes insurance claims or lawsuits. These factors can affect your business's reputation and your bottom line.


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